N-Strike Elite Mega Centurion

The MEGA CENTURION is the furthest firing Nerf blaster EVER. It’s loaded with the new MEGA whistler dart which is nearly twice the size of a standard ELITE dart and screams through the air when fired. Featuring a removable bipod, owners of this formidable blaster will enjoy unprecedented power, precision and distance. The blaster comes with the removable bipod, one six-dart clip and six MEGA darts. For ages 8 years & up.

N-Strike Elite Mega Dart Refill

Comes with 10 Mega Darts.

N-Strike Elite Mega Magnus

The power of Mega is in the palm of your hand with the Nerf Magnus blaster. Made to go mobile, this one-handed Nerf Mega Series blaster features a built-in clip so you can reload fast and send the Mega Whistler Darts screaming through the air. Load the 3 Mega darts, take aim, and fire a Mega distance at targets up to 85 feet away. Take charge of the action and expand your Nerf battles with the distance and performance of the Nerf Mega Magnus blaster.