N-Strike Elite Nerf Cam ECS-12

Capture your NERF blaster battles as they happen with the Nerf Cam ECS-12 blaster! This new video blaster has a built-in camera to record the action from your POV as you launch into dart-firing fun. Share videos and photos with friends and family to relive your most epic battles and celebrate your victories!


The Nerf Elite Demolisher 2-in-1 blaster from Nerf fires both Elite darts and Nerf missiles to demolish the competition with two kinds of firepower. Get in the game and plan your battle strategy to optimise your attack and fortify your defence. Blast the 2 big Nerf missiles for maximum impact with pump-fire action. Unleash a powerful barrage of 10 Elite darts with motorized dart blasting. Or fire the missiles and the darts at the same time to sweep the field!

N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS-18

This exciting new blaster fires at an impressive rate of 3.2 darts per second, making it the FASTEST FIRING ELITE BLASTER EVER!! Each blast sends darts flying up to a whopping 75 feet! Compatible with the N-Strike Clip System, the RapidStrike CS-18 comes with the first-ever see-through dart clip. The lightweight design and adjustable stock allows for ultimate foam blasting fun - another great blaster to add to the Nerf Elite range.

N-Strike Elite Rampage

20m ELITE PERFORMANCE. Rapid slam-fire pumping and a high-capacity 25 dart drum make rampage the ultimate fast-action blaster. Includes removable tactical shield. Comes with 25 N-Strike Elite darts.

N-Strike Elite Retaliator

20m ELITE PERFORMANCE. This customisable blaster features removable stock, barrel and drop-down handle for multiple configurations. Comes with a 12 dart clip with 12 N-Strike Elite darts.

N-Strike Elite Stockade

20m ELITE PERFORMANCE. Motorised semi-auto blaster features rotating 10-dart barrel and a removable stock with storage for 10 extra. Comes with 10 N-Strike Elite darts.

N-Strike Elite Rough Cut 2x4

NEW 20m ELITE PERFORMANCE. Multishot Madness! The Rough Cut blaster delivers a double blast by firing 2 darts at once. Holds 8 darts for 4 double-dart blasts. Comes with 8 N-Strike

N-Strike Elite Stryfe

NEW 20m ELITE PERFORMANCE. Quick and agile, this clip fed semi-auto blaster fires 6 darts as fast as you can pull the trigger! Plus, with multiple tactical rails and attachments points for a barrel and stock, you can build it out with parts from other N-Strike blasters. Comes with 6 N-Strike Elite darts.

N-Strike Elite Strongarm

NEW 20m ELITE PERFORMANCE. The Strongarm blaster features a rotating 6-dart barrel and rapid slam-fire action. Comes with 6 N-Strike Elite darts.

N-Strike Elite Firestrike

NEW 20m ELITE PERFORMANCE. This sleek, compact blaster features a red light targeting beam with independent power trigger for aiming in the dark. Comes with 3 N-Strike Elite darts.

N-Strike Jolt

Don’t be fooled by this blaster’s micro size, because it’s got macro power and super stealth! Blaster comes with 2 N-Strike darts.

N-Strike Elite 18 Dart Clip

Add capacity to your 6 or 12 dart clip blasters with our biggest clip ever! Works with all Clip System blasters, includes 18 N-Strike Elite darts.

N-Strike Elite Bandoller Kit

The N-Strike Bandolier Kit gets an N-Strike Elite upgrade with new N-Strike Elite styling and N-Strike Elite darts.

N-Strike Elite Tactical Vest

The N-Strike Tactical Vest Kit gets an N-Strike Elite upgrade with new N-Strike Elite styling and N-Strike Elite darts. Includes 2 Quick Reload Clips and each Quick Reload Clip holds 6 darts. Load your clips, then store up to 12 extra darts in the Dart Storage Loops. Kit includes 12 N-Strike Elite darts!

N-Strike Elite 30 Dart Refill

Includes 30 N-Strike Elite darts.