Super Soaker Tri-Strike CrossBow

The SUPER SOAKER TRI STRIKE CROSSBOW Water Blaster represents a whole new way to dominate soaker battles. Simply pump to fire for a long range blast from up to 35 feet away. For even more soaking power, activate the two deployable blast arms for triple the water streams and unleash the full capacity of up to 45 ounces.

Super Soaker Barrage

Intimidate the competition with the massive capacity BARRAGE Water Blaster! This blaster holds 2.4 litres of water and allows you to use the adjustable nozzle to soak opponents with one of three firing modes – Distance (over 35 feet!), flood mode (a colossal splash!) or scatter mode(to widen your target).

Super Soaker Double Drench

Targets will get soaked with two water streams firing at once when the DOUBLE DRENCH Water Blaster is in play. The pump action DOUBLE DRENCH Water Blaster holds 30 ounces of water and can soak targets from up to 30 feet away.

Super Soaker FreezeFire

Beat the heat with the freezing blasts of the Freezefire soaker! This powerful soaker lets you freeze your friends with ice-cold blasts of water. The Freezefire soaker's have a high capacity tank and a large enough opening so you can add ice cubes for a super-chilled soak. Freeze your friends from up to 38 feet away and put the competition on ice with the Freezefire soaker!