Zombie Strike Crossfire Bow

You'll be the ultimate zombie hunter with the Crossfire Bow blaster! Load one of your powerful Zombie Strike darts and draw the string back so you're locked and loaded when a zombie crosses your path. Take your shot with a quick pull of the trigger and load another dart! Get ready to bring down the zombies one by one with the Crossfire Bow blaster! Crossbow with removable bow attachment. Shoots 75feet. Comes with 4 Zombie darts

Zombie Strike Dart Refill Pack

Includes 30 Zombie darts with deco.

Zombie Strike Sidestrike Blaster

Quick fire blaster and Zombie holster. Comes with 1 Holster with dart storage that also fits Firestrike. Comes with 6 Zombie darts and shoots 75feet.

Zombie Strike Target Set

Train for your next Zombie mission with this targeting set! Comes with 1 Jolt blaster with site, 3 stackable targets, and 3 Zombie darts